Current Tap/Cask List ()

Updated Fri 13 Mar 2020 10:46 PM
Beer Brewery Origin ABV
AleSmith Horny Devil AleSmith Brewing Company San Diego,CA 10.0
Amplified Ale Works Action Brownson Amplified Ale Works San Diego,CA 6.5
BNS Wheatlands w/ Raspberries BNS Brewing & Distilling Co. Santee,CA 5.0
Beachwood Kit ‘n’ Canoodle Beachwood Brewing Long Beach,CA 10.0
Beachwood Melrose IPA Beachwood Brewing Long Beach,CA 7.1
Belching Beaver Thizz Is What It Is Belching Beaver Brewery San Diego ,CA 9.0
Burgeon Canopy Tour Burgeon Beer Co. Carlsbad,CA 6.0
Burgeon New Dimension Burgeon Beer Co. Carlsbad,CA 6.8
Fall “This is not my Beautiful Wife” Hazy Pale Ale Fall Brewing Company San Diego,CA 6.2
Firestone Walker Mole Merkin - Bourbon Firestone Walker Brewing Company Paso Robles,CA 7.8
Karl Strauss El Trafico Karl Strauss Brewing Company San Diego,CA 5.3
Kern River Jojo Kern River Brewing Kernville,CA 8.5
Knotty Clay IPA Knotty Brewing San Diego,CA 7.0
Newtopia Apple Soiree Newtopia Cyder San Diego,CA 6.0
Noble Ale Works Naughty Sauce (On Nitro) Noble Ale Works Anaheim,CA 5.5
Pariah (Art) Official Pils Pariah Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 4.4
Resident Chasing Mosaic Resident Brewing Company San Diego,CA 6.4
Russian River Happy Hops Russian River Brewing Company Santa Rosa,CA 6.5
Societe The Cultivator Societe Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 7.0
Societe The Pugilist Societe Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 4.5
Societe The Pupil Societe Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 7.5
Societe The Roustabout Societe Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 9.0
Societe The Scamp Societe Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 3.0
Societe The Thief Societe Brewing Co. San Diego,CA 6.3
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